Utensil Care

Supa Brite has a variety of scourers that work fabulously. They are specially designed for use on various home surfaces and items. The different types are used to clean utensils, cookware, windows, mop floors, clean kitchen, bathrooms, counters, appliances, sealed granite, chrome, cook top hoods, sinks, toilets, table tops, sinks among others.

Utensils Care

Floor Care

To keep floors looking beautiful for years to come, regular maintenance is necessary. Supa Brite offers all products needed for high quality care, designed for all finished, oiled and engineered floors.

Utensils Care

Surface Care

Our surface cleaner cuts through tough dirt and filmy residue for a streak-free shine throughout your entire home.

Utensils Care

Other Household Cleaning products

Supa Brite understands your home as much as you do. Quite naturally, cleaning solutions go far beyond addressing the usual mix of kitchen, dining and bathroom to ensure that every part of your home is clean and neat.