Scouring Pads

Supa Brite Scouring Pad


This is a general scourer suitable for cleaning crockery, cutlery, glassware, plasticware, Pots & pans, grills,oven, sinks and tiles.



Product Code Description
111 Scouring Pad ( 1pk)
113 Scouring Pad (4pk)
115 Scouring Pad ( 12pk)
116 Scouring Pad Large ( 1pk)
117 Scouring Pad Large ( 6pk)



Supa Brite Gentle Scourer


This is suitable for cleaning delicate articles like non-stick pots and pans, crystal, silverware, microwave, fridges etc.



Product Code Description
100 Gentle Scourer ( 1pk)
101 Gentle Scourer ( 4pk)



Supa Brite Premium Scourer


This product is more abrasive than regular scourer and is recommended for Heavy Duty Cleaning.



Product Code Description
121 Premium Scourer ( 1pk)
123 Premium Scourer ( 4pk)
125 Premium Scourer ( 12pk)
122 Premium Scourer large (1pk)
124 Premium Scourer large ( 6pk)