Surface Scubbers

Floor Maintenance Pad - Beige


This is suitable for polishing floors usually after wax application.


Product Code Description
312 Floor maintenance Pad (Beige)



Floor Maintenance Pad - Black


This is suitable for stripping floors to remove dirt and accumulated layers of emulsion.


Product Code Description
311 Floor maintenance Pad (Black)



Floor Maintenance Pad - Green


This is suitable for regular cleaning and maintenance of all types of floors.


Product Code Description
313 Floor maintenance Pad (Green)



Supa Brite All Surface Scrubber


Black: Suitable for heavy duty scrubbing of dirty surfaces

Green: Suitable for frequent everyday scrubbing & maintenance of surfaces

Beige: For gentle scrubbing & polishing of surfaces



Product Code Description
163 All surface Scrubber (standard)
162 All Surface Scrubber (Large)
322 All Surface Scrubber Giant (Green)
321 All Surface Scrubber Giant (black)
323 All Surface Scrubber giant (Beige)