Sponge & Window Cloths


Wipex Sponge & Window Cloths soaks 6 times more than any other cloth. They are ideal for wiping down wet surfaces and are lint free, super strong and super absorbent.

squeaky clean windows

Lint Free, Super Strong , Super Absorbent.

Wipex window cloth


Wipex Window Cloth

Regular 1 Pack

Specially develop to clean all window and glass surfaces quickly and thoroughly. The combination of cellulose fibers and synthetic binders assures one of the best wiping effects. It is also suitable for polishing crystal, silverware & jewelry items.
Wipex Regular - Front


Wipex Ultra Absorbent Cloth

Mini, Regular 1 Pack, Regular 3 Pack, Giant 1 Pack, Giant 6 Pack

Strong, soft and flexible like a cloth, ultra-absorbent like a sponge. This cloth is great for cleaning without any marks or traces, washing, wiping and shining.

Wipex Fleece Cloth - Front


Wipex Fleece Cloth

Regular 1 Pack

Viscose and polyester non woven cloth for all purpose cleaning in household, dry and wet. 100% Eco Friendly.